Journeyman Makeup Artistry

Journeyman Makeup

The Journeyman Makeup Program at Robert Fiance Makeup Academy is designed for those who want to acquire all the skills they need to work as a makeup professional. This program offers an in depth curriculum that will give students all the skills they need to work in the beauty or entertainment segment of the makeup industry. Contact us now to get started!

Program Description

This program combines both freelance and special effects makeup. By acquiring skills in both arenas, there is no limit to where a graduate can work as a makeup professional. Here are some of the things you can learn in each section of the Journeyman Makeup Program:

Freelance Makeup

This section of the Journeyman Program covers the beauty side of makeup and will cover topics such as:

  • Fashion and runway makeup
  • Wedding makeup
  • Cosmetics and product knowledge
  • Portfolio creation
  • Marketing
  • Contracts
  • Much, much more!

Special Effects

This section of the Journeyman Program allows the students to explore and create new looks using a wide variety of makeup and cosmetic techniques. Some of the things that will be taught in this section include:

  • Old age makeup
  • Injury makeup - cuts, bruises, black eyes, etc.
  • Set etiquette
  • Prosthetic creation
  • Creative directing
  • Character creation
  • Much, much more!

Why Choose the Journeyman Makeup Program?

If your dream is to be an industry leader in makeup, the Journeyman Program is the best way to get there. Here are some of the possible career paths that the Journeyman Program graduates can pursue:

  • Fashion show makeup artist
  • Celebrity makeup
  • Bridal makeup business
  • Product company representative
  • Retail sales manager
  • Product demonstrator
  • Platform artist
  • Editorial makeup
  • Movie set makeup artist

These are only a few of the career possibilities you can pursue upon graduating from the Robert Fiance Journeyman Makeup Program.

Call now at 732-442-4313 to find out how to get enrolled in the Journeyman program and begin your journey to building a rewarding career as a makeup professional!