Special FX Makeup Artistry


  1. Part 1: 75 Hours
  2. Part 2: 100 Hours


Robert Fiance Makeup Academy is the first, largest, and most advanced special-effects makeup artistry program in New Jersey. Our 175 hour certification program allows aspiring artists the opportunity to learn the techniques seen in film, tv, theater, and more. All of our classes are taught by professional artists who have vast experience in various areas of the industry. Our special effects teachers have worked along side the creative art direction of movie sets and have experience in creating and supplying prosthetic pieces to Hollywood studios. As part of the business section of this program, you will learn the complete process of how characters are drawn up, created, and brought to life. 
Makeup Kit: SFX Makeup students will receive a full and extensive kit of various makeup products, tools, and accessories including latex, blood, a prosthetic mask, and more. All of your supplies can be restocked on-line or in-store using your student discount.
The program is separated into two parts as detailed below:
SFX Makeup Artistry Part I  is a 75 hour introductory class to the Special Effects  Makeup Program, designed to introduce students to the  field of Special FX Makeup  for the Film & Entertainment  industries. This course may be taken  individually, however, must be combined with Part II to award a certification in Special FX Makeup.



Introduction to Special Effects Makeup
Color Theory & Lighting
Stretch & Stipple Technique
Accident Simulation / Black Eyes & Bruises
Cuts, Scrapes & Wounds
Applying Thick Blood, Latex, Silicones, and Wax
Stitches, Scars, Strangling, & Bullet Wounds
Burns & Frostbite
Death Makeup & Zombies


SFX Makeup Artistry Part II is our more Advanced FX Makeup course; an intense and exciting 100 hours designed to train students to use make-up techniques and prosthetic applications to transform models into creatures and dramatic characters. The Advanced SFX Makeup program will prepare students for work in film, stage, theater, and television. Students will learn to design, create, and apply looks as seen on TV!

Sci-Fi & Mystical Creatures, Vampires,Werewolves, Living Dead, Camouflage, Diseased, Crash & Burn Victims, and much more!



 Prosthetic Application
 Dirt, Sweat, Tears, Teeth FX
 Health Degradation & Disease
 Contouring for FX (Facial Shape Changing)
 Aging Makeup (Stretch/Stipple)
 Hair & Wigs / Beards
 Baldcap Application (Rubber & Plastic)
 Character Construction (Time Trials)
 Set Etiquette, Portfolios, FX Artist Career Outlook