Slim Eye Pencil

Brand: NYX Cosmetics

SKU: spe938


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Aqua Glitter (sep)
Bronze Glitter (sep)
Black Glitter (sep)
Black Brown (sep)
Black (sep)
Brown (sep)
Charcoal (sep)
Dark Brown (sep)
Electric Blue (sep)
Emerald City (sep)
Gray (sep)
Green Glitter (sep)
Gold Glitter (sep)
Lavender Glitter (sep)
Light Brown (sep)
Medium Brown (sep)
Purple (sep)
Silver (sep)
Satin Blue (sep)
Sapphire (sep)
Taupe (sep)
Velvet (sep)
White (sep)
White Pearl (sep)

Type: eyes

Slim, trim but never prim. Our Slim Eye Pencils come in a variety of entrancing shades—from seafoam green to black shimmer. The creamy, long-wearing eye liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding. Available in 40 stunning shades!

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